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Personalized Keepsakes for all occasions

FROM YOUR HEART Personalized Keepsake was truly started from my heart. When I was in college I took a class where we had to research the meaning of our names and it profoundly changed my worldview on the importance of a person's given name. I also began to realize that the biblical figures we so often read about were named on purpose and lived out their names (good and bad).

I believe in the deeper meaning of names. Every time I speak my daughter's name I am identifying who she is. When I say her name I am speaking peace into her life. And I can truly say she is the most peaceful and patient child I have ever met! It is so important to understand who we are and many times it starts with your name.

Our Mission

"To provide our customers with quality thoughtful personalized gifts. Our goal is to provide our customers with encouraging and inspirational personalized gifts of expressions that come straight From Your Heart.